Fall 2012 : A Gorgeous Vintage

Date November 16, 2012

There are vintages that produce great wines and then there is 2012.  Much like the perfect storm scenario, there are summer growing seasons where everything comes together perfectly for grapes.  The summer of 2012 is one of those remarkable seasons.

What makes a stellar vintage? Well, the answer is everything.  Every detail counts.  From a dry spring, which allows the vines to bud early to a warm, breezy fall, which kept the grape clusters clean and in perfect condition.

Early spring was cold and clear.  In late April temperatures warmed and bud break began.  We stayed out of nature’s way as the beautiful growing season developed.  The summer brought a long stretch of warm, sunny days and cool nights.  This moderate weather allowed us to hold off irrigating until August.  In late August we reduced crop levels letting the vines concentrate on quality clusters.  The combination of great weather, minimal irrigation and low cropping produced spectacular Alder Springs Vineyard fruit with outstanding concentration and flavor. Alder Springs Vineyard owner, Stuart Bewley is elated with the 2012 growing season and remarked that it has been the best vintage of his twenty-year vintner career.   From start to finish, this season is producing the best that Alder Springs’ has to offer and we all look forward to the pleasure these wines will bring.


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